About the one-year Bible project

I read through the Bible Between November 2013 and March 2015 and posted daily reflections on what seemed most compelling to me in that day’s reading. You can find a daily Bible reading plan at https://www.backtothebible.org/reading-guide/15/12.

I learned important lessons. Reading straight through the Bible shows how God’s interactions with men changed from the occasional visit with a man like Abraham to his daily presence in the tabernacle among the children of Israel. I saw how the practices of the Old Testament law prepared the way for the new covenant of grace in Jesus Christ. I bumped into a number of difficult passages that we often overlook when we pick and choose what to study. I witnessed God’s unbelievable patience with the Israelites. I discovered the true nature of a covenant: continuing to care for the other party even when they fail to honor their agreement.

Now that I have completed the project, I am re-posting my devotions along with a weekly summary so that you can pursue your own one-year Bible reading plan. I appreciate your comments. Bob Dellinger, disciple of Jesus Christ, Southern Baptist, family physician, living and practicing in North Carolina.

11 thoughts on “About the one-year Bible project

  1. This a great project! I have encouraged our church members to do the same for years now. Wish you the best with your journey and desire to inspire others. Godspeed

  2. Hello Dr. Bob, I applaud your decision to daily read and reflect on God’s word. Psalm 1 tells us the value of making it a priority, but my own personal favorite is Isaiah 50:4-5. I know God will use you to speak a word to the weary as you open your mind and heart to Him.

    We visited Asheville and Boone once and a shop owner referred to the area as ‘God’s country’. It was beautiful and the people were so warm and welcoming 😉

    • Thanks for the encouragement. About half way through. Reading is the easy part. Finding something compelling to say and then putting it into words is the hard and time-consuming part.

  3. Hi Dr Bob, we may be late in joining but I am sure our many readers at ChristianBlessings will profit by this project. Could you please advise if we can post your daily devotions on ChristianBlessings from Jan 1 2015 and when you finish we will just roll back the calendar to where you started till we complete the Bible with you?

    • It’s been a great experience for me as I’ve gone through it, recently completing the OT. This is the first time I’ve read completely through the Bible in many years.

      • What’s really cool, to me–is that each year I find I’ve retained a little more; so I’ll come to a story and say, “Oh, I know this one!” I was also given the One Year Chronological Bible last year. (I’m sort of a Bible collector….) By the way, I must confess that my daily reading had lapsed–so visiting your site today jerked me back on track, thank you! God bless.

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