Christmas light


Blow away the snow
Let all the presents go
Christmas must be more than these
If Christmas we would know

Take down the candled trees
And brighter lights we’ll see
Christmas glows with inner light
The light that comes from Thee

You were Creation’s light
The word that gives us sight
They laid you in the manger’s hay
We met you Christmas night

But long before that day
We heard the prophets say
That you would come and suffer much
To take our sins away

We felt your human touch
The cry of death was hushed
You left behind the greatest gift
Though you, yourself, were crushed

Your death repaired the rift
Allowed our souls to lift
Your Christmas journey brought us peace
If we receive your gift

So look beneath the snow
and see beyond the trees
and spy the brighter light
and hear the prophets speak
We need Redeemer’s touch
We need a Savior’s lift
No others matter much
We need his Christmas gift

2014, by Robert Dellinger

Image by Andy Schultz on Flickr, CC by-nc-sa 2.0


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